SWM Missionary Regional Directors: Deaf

In my last article I shared the need for hearing people to serve as SWM Missionary Regional Directors. There is still a great need. Not everyone is called to the deaf ministry. Not everyone can become a missionary, but some can. Leaders are needed. Men are needed. Missionary preachers are needed.

Deaf People Can! – It is true that hearing people are needed to assist many hearing churches and pastors, but Deaf men and women are also needed. The Lord can use Deaf people to touch the hearts of many hearing people and churches. A well-trained, qualified Deaf preacher can be very effective in reaching and teaching Deaf people in a particular region or area.

Deaf Churches – SWM supports the idea of Deaf people having their own church, preaching and teaching in their language and culture. The need is for qualified Deaf men, who are willing to sacrifice, work hard, and build Deaf churches in many cities. SWM missionary Paul Strosnider (hearing) is starting a Deaf church in the St. Louis, Missouri, area. He could train a qualified Deaf assistant pastor and provide hands-on experience on how to start a Deaf church and minister to Deaf people. That Deaf man could then go start a Deaf church himself. Deaf church planters start churches as pioneers, going into new areas where others fear to go.

Deaf Missionaries
– SWM missionary Allen Snare travels and preaches to Deaf people around the world. Most of his ministry is in the United States, but he also ministers on short-term foreign mission trips to needy areas. When not preaching out in meetings, he volunteers at the SWM office printing God’s word in the form of Bible lessons, tracts, booklets, and more. He is always very busy in the ministry. In the same way, more Deaf missionaries are needed, both in the USA (SWM) and in other countries (SWMI). The Deaf world needs more qualified and skilled Deaf preachers and teachers.

Deaf Team Members – In some Fantastic Saturdays or other SWM events, Deaf Team Members from other ministries and mission boards assist with teaching, preaching the Gospel, winning Deaf people to Christ, and much more. SWM needs more qualified Deaf Team Members to assist in many areas.

Training – The same as many young preachers, when I graduated from college, I thought I knew everything about ministry, but quickly learned that I only knew the basics. I am thankful for older, more experienced, men who mentored and taught me through the years. SWM is looking for qualified Deaf men and women who are willing to humble themselves and learn from Deaf and hearing mentors and teachers. SWM can partner with Deaf men and women to help them grow, achieve their potential, and accomplish all God has for them. Deaf men are needed to minister in every region of the USA and Canada.

Laborers Needed – The need is great, but the laborers are few (Luke 10:2). Many Deaf people have been to a Christian college, have earned a degree, have experience and Bible knowledge, but are not accomplishing all they could for Jesus Christ. SWM needs Deaf men and women, Deaf missionaries, Deaf Team Members, Deaf church planters, Deaf pastors, and Deaf teachers, to partner with us and “go into all the [Deaf] world” with the Gospel. There are still many Deaf people in America who have never seen a clear presentation of the Gospel. Deaf people can help teach and train them.

Who Will Go? – Are you qualified to be a Deaf Christian leader? Is God calling you to be a Deaf missionary? Contact SWM for more information. Come help us reach and teach Deaf people and deaf ministries!

Qualified? Want more information? – Write to: SWM – PO Box 889 – Trenton, Georgia 30752 or contact us.

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