Go With The Gospel to the Silent World

What About the Deaf In Your City?
(Continued Article – Condensed from SWM D38 Deaf Soul-winning Booklet)

“But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God… ” –John 1:12
All people are saved with the same Word of God, but all people are different. You need to become a soul-winner and help your Deaf friends become fishers of Deaf people. Make it a goal to reach all the Deaf in your city with the Gospel.

Tract Ministry – Use tracts written for the Deaf. Use good visual pictures or charts. You can give hearing people tracts written by the Deaf. Some tracts will teach about church membership, baptism and doctrines. Silent Word Ministries has free tracts for the Deaf. Send for sample tracts that Deaf can give to both the hearing and deaf worlds. Always leave a tract on the restaurant table with a good tip. Leave tracts wherever you feel would be a good place for people to get or read. Leave tracts in rest areas, telephone booths, restrooms and entrances into public places. You can order tracts from Silentwordministries.org.

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