SWM Missionary Regional Directors Needed

Often SWM is contacted by people moving to a new location and wanting to find a deaf ministry in their new city. We are always glad to help, but there are still many places around America with no deaf ministry, or with no one to tell a Deaf person about Jesus. The need is real. Jesus said, “Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest” (John 4:35). Something must be done to meet the need. SWM literature and videos could help if someone would take materials to needy areas.

SWM Northeast – Jim Bracelin, SWM Vice President, is supported as a missionary and serves as SWM Northeast Director helping deaf churches and deaf ministries in the Northeast. He helps many deaf ministries at one time by conducting Fantastic Saturdays and D-Days. He shares the burden for deaf ministry with hearing churches, teaches sign language, trains hearing and Deaf people about deaf ministry, and much more. Many deaf ministries and churches are blessed because he lives and serves in that area. SWM, based in the Southeast, is able to accomplish more for the Lord with a full-time outreach in the Northeast.

SWM Regional Directors Needed – Other areas around America need full-time outreaches to Deaf people. SWM is opening the door for qualified hearing people with a good knowledge of the Bible and sign language to serve as SWM Regional Directors. They must be experienced in deaf ministry and must be flexible to serve with many churches and pastors. They must be willing to work hard as a missionary, serve long hours with little praise, and go as a pioneer into new areas where others may fear to go. We are, as the Marines, looking for “a few good men” (and women).

Responsibilities of Regional Directors – Regional Directors must raise their own support as missionaries under the Silent Word Mission Board. They are responsible for their own meetings and scheduling. They present the need for deaf ministry to hearing churches and assist churches in planting deaf ministries; reorganizing existing deaf ministries to become more effective in their areas; train deaf ministry leaders and helpers; and serve the Lord in deaf ministry to help meet the needs of churches, Deaf and hearing people, and deaf ministries. Directors will be personally trained to conduct Fantastic Saturdays, D-Days, and other deaf ministry meetings in their region, and report to SWM regularly regarding progress and needs. SWM does not micro-manage missionaries, but can assist and provide direction in many ways. The goal is to function as a team to accomplish more together.

Where are Regional Directors needed? – At this time there are needs in North Central, South Central, Northwest, and Southwest United States, and in Canada. SWM is already conducting meetings in some places in these regions, but there is a great need to reach out to more deaf ministries and churches. Many hearing churches are not aware of the need. Some areas may need deaf churches. There are still many Deaf people in these areas who have never seen a clear presentation of the Gospel.

How can God use me? – First, pray. Ask God what he would have you to do. Are you qualified? Is God calling you to be a missionary to the Deaf World? All can pray, most can give and support missionaries in these areas, but God needs some people to surrender and go.

If God is calling you to an area-wide ministry to help many deaf ministries, contact SWM for more information. Come help us reach and teach Deaf people and deaf ministries!


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