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It seems that people are more busy today than ever in the history of the world. People hurry to go to work, hurry home, hurry to eat, hurry to the game, hurry to have time for their children, hurry to bed, and hurry to sleep so they can start a new day of hurry. With all of the hurry, it is very easy to forget about people. Many years ago advertisers sold new gadgets and conveniences by saying they would help people save time. But it seems the opposite has happened. Many people do not have enough time for people.

There is a great need to invest time in people. Jesus ministered to people (Matthew 9:36). Jerry Falwell said, “The only thing God is interested in is people.” Ted Camp says, “Don’t love things, love people.”

Sometimes spending time with people can be very frustrating. There are many different viewpoints and many different methods. It is wise to be patient and flexible and not lose your ministry with people because of small things. Trying to please all of the people all of the time is not possible. It takes time with people to know their needs. It takes time to build relationships. Wise people invest in people. Spiritually investing in people is investing in eternity.

At SWM, our purpose is to tell Deaf people the Gospel and teach them. Without people our ministry would not exist. People help us help people. People (and churches) financially support SWM. Also, people volunteer in many ways in our office and in producing materials. Without people, our ministry would be greatly limited. With people we reach more people.

A few months ago, SWM announced the “Ministry of Helps” program. The main purpose of the Ministry of Helps is to have an organized way that people can help SWM “go into all the [deaf] world.” God can greatly use people who are not preachers, teachers, or missionaries – and so can Silent Word Ministries!

Who Can God Use?

God can use average people who are willing to give of their time and talents so, as a team, they can accomplish great things together.

Investing In People Where You Are – A Deaf Sunday School teacher prepares and teaches a lesson to Deaf children. Most people are not aware of the time and work involved, but God knows. – A van driver starts his Sunday early, picking up Deaf and hearing people for church. Then, after the service, he delivers them safely home. God saw his service. – A teenage church member gives a few dollars of his hard earned money each week to help missionaries reach people. He is investing in eternity.

Investing In People Through Ministries – Some people can invest in others by helping SWM. In the past, families have taken their vacation week to come help SWM. Others have come for just a few days to help. Still others have joined the SWM Ministry of Helps.

SWM Ministry of Helps Missionaries

Larry and Diana Galyen – Larry posts this newspaper online, helps maintain the website, and helps advise SWM missionaries regarding use of computers and programs. The Galyens also witness and distribute Gospel literature, videos, and SWM materials to Deaf and hearing people in area-wide deaf meetings.

Bill and Eleanor Towner – Bill is an electrician and helps SWM with his expertise. Eleanor grades lessons and corresponds with students. Together they direct the SWM Deaf Bible Institute. Bill also has a marketplace evangelism ministry where he witnesses to people in flea markets and at fairs. His follow-up program helps people find good churches in their areas.

Jesse and Sandra Coleman – Jesse is helping BIMI church-planting missionary Dr. Bruce Kelly (Deaf) as he is starting Deaf Baptist Church in Smyrna, Georgia. Bro. Kelly says he is a big help.

Terry and Colesta Fleury – Terry is teaching the DBI in their local church and preparing for a future teaching ministry to Deaf people. SWM looks forward to using the DBI slide presentations he is developing.

Under the SWM Ministry of Helps program, these families help in areas of ability and expertise. Only supplemental missionary support is needed.

More Information: Interested in helping SWM reach people? Contact Jon Barr. Interested in a short-term mission trip? Contact David Bennett

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