Go With The Gospel to the Silent World

Deaf Understanding The Bible

(Condensed from Deaf Evangelism  Booklet)

It is hard for some deaf people to understand the King James language because it is not their language. American Sign Language is their first language, and English is a secondary language. It is also hard for some deaf people to understand other Bibles not written for Deaf culture. Hispanics have Bibles translated for them so they can understand the Bible in their language.

Sign language is a language the same as Spanish is a language. It is a signed, not a spoken language.  Some pastors, leaders and workers never understand that the Deaf ministry is the same as a foreign ministry because of a different language and culture. It is sad that some parents, family and friends of Deaf people never learn Sign Language. The school system is not permitted to teach about creation, the Bible or God. How can Deaf people know unless someone tells them?  It is hard for hearing people to clearly communicate to Deaf people.  The need is for someone to go into the Deaf world and help them understand the Gospel. Deaf people can witness to Deaf people in their language and world. Deaf people have souls and need to be saved.

Again, “The greatest need of a deaf person is not to hear, but to be saved.”  If he is saved, he will hear forever in Heaven. When one deaf boy was asked the name of his sister, he thought for a long time, and then answered, “I don’t know.  No one told me.”  Many Deaf people only know what they have been told or taught.  Will you tell the Deaf about Jesus? You should help other Deaf people be saved so that one day they cannot point at you and say, “Why didn’t you tell me?” There are deaf people in every city that need to be saved. Lift up your eyes and look at all the deaf who need to be saved. Your hands can give God’s Word to the Deaf.  “How shall they hear without a preacher?” Deaf people listen with their eyes. Visual Sign Language becomes a voice they hear with their eyes. Deaf people listen with their eyes. The Deaf need the Bible to be preached, taught, and signed in Sign Language so they can understand the Gospel. The best one to reach a deaf person for Christ is another deaf person because he understands the culture and thinking of other deaf people. The Deaf can reach the deaf for Christ. How do I know? Because I am deaf!

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