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TMI (Too Much Information)

Amazing! Knowledge is growing at a very fast pace. Some scientific knowledge doubles every two years. Today teenagers Text, Chat, Surf, Post and iPod (Daniel 12:4). Technology and knowledge can be good and help everyone.

History – In 1878 the Edison Electric Light Company was founded. Assembly Lines were invented by the Ford company in 1908. The first mass-produced computer was made in 1953. The polio vaccine was introduced in 1955. The first portable computer was introduced in 1975 and weighed 55 pounds. The first truly portable or laptop computer was sold in 1981. It had 64 KB of memory, two 5 1/4″ floppy drives, and a modem. The first cell phones were sold in 1973 and cost $3,500 each. The Internet was begun in 1969 by the US Department of Defense to communicate in case of an attack by Russia. The first robotic surgery happened in 1985. In 2008 the first full face transplant occurred. In 1976 average people could make video recordings on VHS tapes. In 2006 film studios in the USA stopped releasing videos on VHS, and used DVD and Blu-ray Disk.

“Every” – It seems that today “every” house has electricity, “everybody” can drive a car, “nobody” has polio, “everybody” has access to a computer, it seems like “everybody” has a cell phone, you can easily research “anything” on the Internet, and you probably know someone who has had robotic surgery. “Everyone” benefits by advances in knowledge!

People born before 1960 may have used a telephone party line. (A community north of Los Angeles, California still uses party lines.) People born after 1995 may not understand life before the age of cell phones, computers, Internet, and digital TV. Medical knowledge can help or heal almost every kind of injury or disease. It is amazing how fast knowledge grows. It is hard to keep up with new knowledge.

Printing Ministry – The first “In The Beginning” booklet by Ted Camp required hours of typing (on a typewriter), typesetting, cut-and-paste graphics (with scissors and glue), and metal printing plates. This was some of our first material written specifically for Deaf people.

Modern Printing Ministry – Silent Word Ministries is thankful for the modern technology that makes our ministry easier. Cut-and-paste is done electronically. Computers, digital presses, and networking help make our printing ministry much easier, faster, and more efficient. Much of our present equipment has been donated. Recently a friend of SWM sent a gift to help purchase a needed laptop computer. Another friend and board member sent more computer equipment to help with our growing need. Our policy is to build and grow as the Lord provides.

Cutting Edge – Have you seen the new “QR” (Quick Response) barcodes? This small image can contain enough information to send email, visit a web page, call a phone number, or see a video. A smart phone can read these images and immediately do what they say. For example, by scanning the image #1 with your phone, you immediately see a web page to receive FREE booklets or DVDs from SWM (first 10 people only)! By scanning image #2 you get a code for a discount on SWM materials. Scan #3 to respond to this article! Try it now! If you have a smart phone, scan these QR Codes and follow the instructions.

SWM always improves and adapts to accomplish our God-given calling and ministry. We remain committed to the Word of God and to reaching people with the Gospel.

But We Will Give Ourselves … To The Ministry Of The Word”   – To The Deaf – (Acts 6:4)

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