Go With The Gospel to the Silent World: How To Witness For Christ

First, you must control the conversation and slowly lead to an open opportunity to witness, then soul-winning. Do not be in a hurry. Let the Holy Spirit help you know the right time to witness or soul-win. Take time to be friendly with the person. When the time is right, present the Gospel. This means that you must know the Gospel. Soul winners must use the Bible to present the Gospel. “No one is saved without the Gospel – No One!”

Examples For Good Openings – Introductions
(Written to Sign – After each opening, present the Gospel)

1. To a Friend – “I your friend, I am Christian. I have been thinking about you. I have not visited. I apologize not visiting. I need ask question as a burdened friend. You Christian? If died today – Go Heaven? Why?”

2. To Anyone – “If I insurance salesman, you would expect me to sell insurance. I am not an insurance salesman, but I am a Christian, and it is my responsibility as a friend to ask you important question. Are you a Christian? If you died today – you go to Heaven? Why?”

3. To Religious Unsaved People – “There are many different churches, but only one Gospel, one Heaven, One God and one way to Heaven. Jesus Christ died for all people, and if you died, God not ask name of your church. I want to meet you in Heaven. If you died today, you go to Heaven? Why?”

4. To the Deaf – “God burden my heart for deaf. I want to meet you in Heaven. Do you know sure you finished saved? If you died today, you go Heaven? Why?”

5. To Everyone – “I have talked with you about sports, weather and many other things, but now I want to talk to you about the most important thing in life. If you died today, would you go to Heaven? Why?”

Closing – Once you have their attention, present the Gospel quickly and clearly. Let others with you take care of interference and distractions. You need to plant the seed. It is important to draw the net and catch the fish. Give an invitation for them to pray and accept Jesus Christ (John 1:12). If they say no, then give them a tract and close in prayer. Do not pressure. Invite them to visit your church. Never be unkind or rude. Remember that you are a guest in their home. Always smile as you leave. A smile is understood in all languages.

(To be continued – Order booklet “Deaf Soul-Winning” SWM)

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