Twelve Christian Guidelines for Facebook

Twelve Christian Guidelines For FaceBook

Facebook (FB) is a great way to build and maintain relationships with your friends, church members, and community. FB is very helpful and informative during a crisis, hospitalization or emergencies. FB can be a very positive way to influence others, or it can become a negative influence. Because when you post something, you risk hurting, offending or distancing yourself from people who should or could be your friends. FB should not be a bulletin board to vent your negative views or display self-serving ideas or suggestions. FB should not consume your time and keep you away from spiritual and family time. So, here are some Christian guidelines to help you on your Facebook…
  1. Be Calm…You can later have regrets by posting something out of frustration.
  2. Be Careful… You can criticize people who will later be informed of your criticism.
  3. Be Cautious… You can embarrass yourself and others with certain pictures.
  4. Be Certain… Your parents, family and friends will also see and share your postings.
  5. Be Clear… Because your words can later be reprinted and misused.
  6. Be Comforting… Write to help others instead of consoling yourself.
  7. Be Compelled… To represent and present Christ even on your FB.
  8. Be Complete… Partial language and words can easily be misunderstood.
  9. Be Content…FB not the place to complain and gripe.
  10. Be Creative…Inspire others to think positive and be truthful.
  11. Be Christ-like…Be careful of worldly postings. Insert Scripture that apply to your postings.
  12. Be Cunning…Use FB as a means to encourage and bless others.

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