Think On These Things – Are You Prepared?

Are You Prepared?

Between April 25 and 28, 2011, the southeastern United States was hit by a terrible storm. Death and destruction were everywhere. During the four-day period, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) estimated there were 304 tornados. Approximately 326 people died during the event (309 died in one 24-hour period April 27-28). This is currently the fifth deadliest day of tornadoes on record. Previously the largest number of tornadoes on record in one event occurred from April 3-4, 1974, with 148 tornadoes. – Reference: NOAA website 5/12/2011

On Wednesday, April 27, tornadoes hit Trenton, Georgia, the hometown of SWM. Although two people died in our county, there are many stories of people who successfully found shelter or were saved alive by God’s grace.

James Cunningham (Deaf) ran to another apartment and survived, but the apartment where he lived was destroyed. 

A missionary friend, Pete Mucher was away in meetings when someone called to tell him his house was destroyed.

The corner of Highways 11 and 136 will never look the same, as buildings were destroyed and trees uprooted. It will take a long time for our small area to rebuild and recover.

SWM suffered only a few trees down, shingles and siding blown off the building, and the utility shed turned on end. Our electricity was off for a few days, but Internet and phone service was off for two weeks. Local SWM missionaries helped others by moving trees and debris, helping salvage personal items, providing temporary housing, and in several other ways.

A deaf church in another state sent a donation to SWM and designated it as “Compassion – Tornado Relief” to help local people (especially the Deaf) affected by the storms. Even though they were a small, struggling church, they wanted to help others in need. SWM is glad to distribute these funds to best meet needs.

Are you prepared for an emergency? What would you do if something awful happened? Do you have a plan for an emergency? Some of the things you can do to prepare for the unexpected, such as making an emergency supply kit and developing a family communications plan, can be found at It is wise to prepare for emergencies.

Are you prepared for eternity? You may live through many storms and accidents, but one day every person will die. Statistics show that 100 out of 100 people die. For storms you prepare food, water, extra money, a communication plan, and stay informed. It is also wise to prepare for eternity. Some people think they will never die and they have plenty of time to decide about eternity. Others say they will prepare for eternity when they are old and ready to die. But many people die before they get old. When your body dies, you (the person in the body) will live somewhere forever (Hebrews 9:27). Some people try to prepare by stopping bad habits and starting fresh, by going to church, by giving money to the poor, by helping others, or by becoming religious. But these are not enough. The Bible teaches the only way to prepare for eternity is to have Jesus Christ as Savior (1 John 5:12). Only Jesus can give you a new life (2 Corinthians 5:17). There are only two choices. You either have Jesus, or you do not (John 3:36). You are either in Christ, or you are not.

What does the Bible say about being prepared for eternity? Know that you are a sinner. Every person has sin. “All have sinned” (Romans 3:23). You cannot change your sin by yourself or by doing good things (Titus 3:5). Sin will be punished by separation from God for all eternity (Romans 6:23a). Understand that God loves you and wants you to live with Him for all eternity (Romans 6:23b). He has made a payment or exchange for your sin (1 John 2:2) by sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you (John 3:16). Decide to receive Jesus as your Savior and follow Him (John 1:12). How? In prayer to God, admit you are a sinner and not able to save yourself. Tell God you believe Jesus lived, died, was buried, and arose to life. Receive Jesus. Ask Him to save you and give you new life. You will be prepared.

I now receive Jesus Christ as my Savior.   If you just received Christ as your Savior,  please Contact Us at SWM – We will send you more helpful literature.

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