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The Little Maid

II Kings 5:1-19

Introduction – Have you ever found yourself in an undesirable situation? Were you ever separated from your family? Many different emotions come at times like that. Perhaps at that time, you felt fear, worry, and doubts. The book of II Kings in the Old Testament tells a story of a young Jewish girl who was taken from her family in Israel and was made a slave in Syria. There she served Naaman, the captain of the Syrian armies. She must have had many fears and doubts, but we can learn much from her example.

A Great Man with Leprosy – Naaman had a horrible disease called leprosy. Leprosy ate away the body of a person until he died. It was a hated and feared disease. It was also very contagious. A leper could not mingle and fellowship with other people. The law required them to live separately from others and even at times to cry, “unclean,” so others would not touch them. It was not a quick death, but long and painful.

An Unnamed Little Maid – When a little maid, the servant of the captain’s wife, heard about Naaman’s leprosy, she knew the cure was for him to see the man of God. The little maid said to her mistress, “Would God my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy”(II Kings 5:3). The unnamed little maid, a prisoner away from her family, had the answer to the captain’s problem. Evidently, she had learned much from her family in Israel. They must have taught her to work and care for a home, to respect those in authority, and to believe in the power of her God. She had a strong faith in God. She had been taught to love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul and mind. She proved this while there in Syria caring for Naaman’s wife.

A Thoughtful Wife – Naaman’s wife must have seen something special, something different in her. She trusted this young girl from Israel. At some time Naaman’s wife shared the burden she had for her husband who had leprosy. After the little maid heard about the situation, she gave a very innocent response. “You need to go see the man of God in Israel…He can help you.” She showed child-like faith and trust in the Lord to work through Elisha to heal this man.

A Wise Decision – Naaman, captain of the Syrians, followed the advice of this young girl. He went to see Elisha, the prophet of God. Elisha told him to dip in the Jordan River seven times. Even though Naaman did not like the advice, he needed to be healed and he obeyed. As he came out of the water after the seventh time, his leprosy was gone! He was healed of the dreaded disease. The young Jewish servant girl did have a God that was powerful!

Young Ladies Can Be Used of God – Praise the Lord for children and teenagers who have complete trust in the Lord! Adults need to learn a great deal from the innocent faith in God that a child has. When a Christian is facing a difficult situation, he needs to pray – talk to the Lord about it and trust Him to do the work. Christians need to have humble, sweet spirits when going to the Lord. After praying we should be excited to give praise and honor for all that God will do.

Lesson to Learn: This young maid demonstrated even in Syria the good things she learned at home. We need to live with this same obedience to God’s Word, and we ought to teach our children to do the same. She also demonstrated that a person is never too young to stand for God. She showed complete faith in her God at a young age. Surely she became a faithful woman of God because she practiced this as a young girl. We all need child-like faith to also trust our God. Nothing is too hard for Him! Trust God at all levels of your life.

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” –Luke 18:27

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