Think On These Things

Just A Minute

One minute – just 60 seconds. It may seem that just a few seconds are not very important. In a 24 hour day there are 1,440 minutes. What is the value of just one minute during your day?

Accidents – Last week here in Trenton, Georgia, could have been the largest snowfall since 1993. Snow was on the ground for over one week. As the temperatures went up and down, the snow began to melt, then freeze again, forming ice on roads and driveways. In less than one minute many people’s lives changed as they slipped on the ice, fell, and injured themselves. The local hospital said they saw many, many injuries from people falling on the ice. Just one minute changed their lives from normal activity to pain, limited movement, doctors appointments, x-rays, and physical therapy. All in just one minute!

Sports – The last few minutes of a football, basketball or baseball game can be very exciting. Some people say the game was won or lost in the last minute. The last play may have been important, but think about it. Just one play, earlier in the game, could have been the winning or losing minute. It is not just the last minute of the game that is important, but many “one minutes” during the game. Just one minute!

Words – (For Deaf people, Signs) – In one minute a word can change a relationship for good or bad. A kind word or a nice card can brighten a person’s face. But many people wish they could take back a wrong choice of words. An apology can be given, forgiveness can be given, but, of course, words can never be taken back. Just one minute!

The proverb says “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” (Proverbs 25:11). Words are important. A wise person will think about his words (and signs) carefully before allowing them to come out of his mouth or off his hands. In just a minute you can help or hurt someone with your words and signs.

Relationships – It takes less than one minute to say, “Will you marry me?,” and only one moment to reply “Yes,” but that brief conversation can change two people’s lives. Months and weeks of planning come down to the one minute when the bride and groom say, “I do.” After that, their lives are never the same! Think about it – Just one minute!

Actions – One minute filled with kind actions can make a big difference in the life of someone else. After doing something nice for someone, it can be a blessing to hear the words, “You made my day.” Just one minute IS important!

Death – Many people never realize the number of minutes they have with someone until they lose a family member or friend to death. It is often said, “I wish I had just ‘one more minute’ with that person.” But once a minute is gone, it can never come back. Every minute has value!

Think about it! – Because life can change in just one minute, every minute IS important. Caution to say or do the right thing is wise. Every minute of your life can have a big influence on other people (Romans 14:7).

Time passes very quickly. Now we are well into the new year. Last year is gone. This year is filled with minutes – with opportunities – to use. It is up to you to use them to do the most good (Matthew 25:40).

In just a minute or two you have read this article. All of the minutes you have left in your life are in your future. Only you can choose how you will live during each of your minutes. Take a minute and decide you will use your future minutes well, for good, and for God.

…Think on these things.

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