Week 32 – Don't Be Sidetracked

Don’t be sidetracked

“We will give ourselves continually to prayer ….ministry of the word.” — Acts 6:4

As a leader you should be devoted to prayer and ministry of the word. You should never neglect these areas. The early church ministry increased and multiplied greatly because the leaders did not neglect their God-given priorities. A ministry is a direction. It is either going in the right or the wrong direction or it is paused. Many are busy with trivial things and neglect priorities. As the disciples, delegate the trivial things to others so you can do the priorities. It is easy for preferences to become priorities. Recognize the difference. Give yourself to the areas that will generate your ministry. Avoid things that distract you from your main priorities. Nehemiah was too busy to come down from the wall. Joshua had to march thirteen times around the city of Jericho. Noah had to build an ark. John the Baptist had to be the forerunner. Paul had to preach to the Gentiles. The Lord had to go to the cross. What are your priorities? It seems there are always many things that hinder and pull you away from those things that will accomplish the most for eternity. Keep the main thing the main thing. Always be involved in the Great Commission. At the Judgment Seat of Christ you will be judged for those things you have done, things you could have done and things you left undone.

Don’t get sidetracked and lose your ministry!
Don’t get sidetracked from your God-given goals.
Don’t get sidetracked from reading your Bible.
Don’t get sidetracked from prayer.
Don’t get sidetracked from preaching the Gospel.
Don’t get sidetracked from teaching the Word of God.
Don’t get sidetracked by others who are sidetracked
Don’t get sidetracked from your family and friends.
Don’t get sidetracked from the Lord.

This Week
Work on your priorities and don’t get sidetracked

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