Week 28 – Work On Your Weak Areas

Work on Your Weak Areas

“And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” – Luke 2:52

Noticed that the Lord increased four ways:
1. In wisdom = mentally
2. In stature = physically
3. In favour with God = spiritually
4. In favour with man = socially

Christians and Ministries should increase four ways:
1. Mentally – Christians should be challenged to increase in their knowledge of the Word of God. To learn more knowledge. Knowledge is  from learning but wisdom is from God.
2. Physically – It is important for Christians to have activities and fellowships together. Some Christians go to the outside world which provides their physical needs. The ministry must also have physical activities for good growth. Good physical fun is important.
3. Spiritually – Some ministries only provide food and fellowship but a hot dog will not help Christians in times of spiritual needs. Christians should learn to become dependent upon the Word of God. There is no substitute for the Word of God. No one can grow without the Word of God – No one!
4. Socially – Families need to have social fellowship with other families. Children need to play and have fun with other children. Teens need to be around other teens. The social needs of Christians should be families and ministries.

You should also increase in all four areas in your personal life. You should know your strong and weak areas. You may not be able to increase in your strong areas, but you can always improve in your weak areas. Seek to increase at least 10% a year, and in five years you will improve 50%. Your Christians life will increase as you increase. Be willing to make adjustments and change. When you stop learning you will stop living and leading. Realize that you will never fully arrive because God is always working on you. Seek to increase in all areas of your ministry this year. You can improve! Review your accomplishments. Learn to do all things to glorify God.

This Week
Give “more time” to your weak areas

You will always miss 100% of the shots you do not take!

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