Week 26 – You Are Unique

You Are Unique

You are Preplanned, Prefabbed and Prepacked – When God made you He broke the mold and threw it away. No one can duplicate your life. If you look back into all history, you will never find another you. You are custom-made and uniquely designed. You are not an accident or someone that just happened to be born. God purposely planned the unique you. You are the only one who can fit into your place in the puzzle of life. Your fingerprints, eyes, moles, scars, birthmark and your DNA make you different from others. God made you unique with special tools and abilities to do what He intended for you. God prepacked you with a purpose in life. God did not give you your grandfather or grandmother’s life but you are an individual and no one else is like you. You were born alone and you will die alone. You are responsible for you. Only you can truly change yourself. You become what you think and seek in life. You determine your directions. You cannot become someone else because you are you. You cannot be like your brother or sister because you are you. You cannot become like your father or mother because you are you. You cannot become like your hero because you are you. You can only become you and no one else. A peach cannot become an apple. A dog cannot become a cat. You can copy and imitate others but you will remain you. You are different than anyone else so don’t compare yourself to others because you can never be like them. You can only be yourself. Some are given a gift to paint, an ear for music, a mind to learn, fingers to sign, and legs to run. Each person has different skills and abilities. God gives you these different abilities to make a difference in life. There are certain things that please and satisfy you that do not please or satisfy others.

Certain things are easy for you and some things are hard for you. You can do something in a way that no one else can do it. You are special in some areas of life. You do something no one else can do like you. No one else has your certain characteristics and abilities. You cannot become someone else but you can be everything God wants you to be. You need to learn and accept who you are. You can determine your directions in life. There is a way that only you should go; you need to find it. You need to decide to just be you. You will be glad you did and so will the Lord.

This Week – Be Yourself
Seek to do what You do Best

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