Week 25 – One Person Can Make A Difference

One Person Can Make A Difference

“And of some have compassion, making a difference.” –Jude 22

Employees of a large supermarket chain were challenged by a motivational speaker to put their personal touch on each job to each customer. A few weeks later, the speaker received a call from 19-year-old Johnny, a bag boy from the supermarket. He said, “At first I didn’t think I could do anything special for our customers because I’m just a bagger who also has Down Syndrome. Then I got an idea! Every day I would find a special thought, print it, sign it, and put it in every customer’s bag and with a smile say ‘thank you for shopping with us.’” A month later, the store manager also called the guest speaker to tell him about the transformation in the store. Johnny’s lane was three times longer than all the others–no one was willing to change; they all wanted Johnny’s special thought and smile for the day. The whole store was filled with a wonderful spirit of service… and all because Johnny chose to make a difference. As a renown evangelist, David Ring, often says in long drawn out stuttering words, “I’ve got cerebral palsy, what’s your excuse?” A burden is what you feel for others, but compassion does something about the burden.

My Daily Reminders

1. My Foundations give me strength.
2. My Faith gives me peace.
3. My Focus gives me purpose.
4. My Family gives me contentment.
5. My Friends give me comfort.
6. My Fitness gives me endurance.
7. My Fun gives me renewal.
8. My Finances give me options.
9. My Freedom gives me choices.
10. My Feelings shape my attitude.
11. My Failures give me experience.
12. My Faults keep me human.
13. My Frailties teach me dependence.
14. My Frictions keep me humble.
15. My Fears teach me to trust.
16. My Frets make me pray.
17. My Faithfulness keeps me going.
18. My Fulfillment gives me joy.
19. My Future gives me hope.
20. My Fortress is the Lord God.

This Week
Seek to make a difference in life

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