Week 22 – No Word Of God – No Work Of God

No Word of God – No Work of God

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable…” — II Timothy 3:16

Dedicate your ministry to the Word of God and the Lord will produce the Work of God. It is the Word of God that produces the Work of God. Without the Word of God there will be no Work of God. There are many different ministries of the Lord but all should be involved in the Great Commission. All should be sowing the seed into the grounds to produce a harvest. Unsown seed never produces a harvest. Seed kept in a package produce nothing. Unwritten books are never read. Unpreached sermons are never heard. Unwritten songs bless no one. Unwritten cards encourage no one. Ungiven gifts bless no one. An ounce of effort is better than a ton of good intentions. You will be judged for what you have done, for what you could have done and for things you left undone.

The Holy Spirit must have the Word of God to produce the Work of God. It is sad that many ministries give very little for the Holy Spirit to work with. The need of a garden is not to remove all the weeds but plant the seeds. Some ministries major on the “weeds” and neglect the “seeds.” If you expect to have a harvest you must plant seeds.

Some ministries seem to only exist without purpose. The disciples learned that you can fish all night and catch nothing. You can also do good things without God’s blessings. Remember, it is not your philosophies or opinions that give spiritual change and life.

No one is saved without the Work of God – No One! It is the Word of God that changes lives. It is the Word of God that comforts and encourages others. Don’t work people or the ministry for yourself. Let God work the ministry for you! Let the Word of God become your Work. God only honors a ministry that honors the Word of God. You are just a steward, servant, or overseer of “His” ministry.

Remember, Without the Word of God
There is no Work of God.

This Week
Make Sure Your Work Includes the Word of God

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