Week 20 – Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Go Where No Man has Gone Before

“I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named …and they that have not heard shall understand.” – Romans 15:20-21

Years ago there was a TV program called “Star Trek.” Over and over they introduced the series with, “To go where no man has ever gone before.” As Christians we need to go into all the world (where no man has ever gone before), preach the Gospel and then teach them the Word of God. It is amazing that in this modern world of knowledge and technology that many have never known about the saving Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We should be conscious of those we daily meet in marketplaces and businesses. Many have never known about Jesus Christ. Several times I have been in foreign countries where they had not heard about Jesus or God the Creator. Once in China in an underground church I preached and realized that these people would not understand who Jesus was until they understood God. I simply began with “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” At night when you see the stars God made them. God made the trees, animals and mankind. Without God there would be no beginning. Slowly we taught that Jesus Christ is the Son of God sent to take away sin and forgive fallen man. After several times of teaching the Word of God, eyes began to spiritually open and hearts desired to know more about God. It was wonderful to see one Chinese lady accept Jesus Christ. The need of the world is the Gospel. Only the Word of God can change lives eternally.

It may surprise you that some of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and people you meet may have never heard about Christ. You could be their first witness. You should use your email, facebook, text, and tracts to reach other fields, places and people who have not been reached. Go where no man has gone before. You need to look for opportunities to share the Gospel where Christ is not known. Stop following the beaten paths and go into the wilderness of this world. While others are comfortable in pews, you must go to places of risk and danger. Let the Lord open doors to unknown places of this world. It would be sad for some one you met in this life to say at the Great White Throne Judgment, “No one ever told me.” if we do not witness – who will?

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Seek to Witness to Someone About Christ

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