Week 13 – Sieze Timely Moments

Seize Timely Moments

“Redeeming the time.” – Ephesians 5:16

Seize the Moment – The word redeeming is the Greek “kairos” and it means “seize the moment.” Make the most of opportunities you are given. A popular statement among college students in times past was “carpe’ diem” or “seize the day.” Christians should not only seize the day but they should also the moments. God has given every person 24 hours in every day. You can loose or abuse the time given you. Don’t let circumstances control your life. Let the Holy Spirit direct your ways and paths (Proverbs 3:5-6). There are special times when the Lord opens doors of opportunities to use you with others. An encouraging word or a kind deed. A witness to others. It is sad when some miss “moments” and “opportunities” that could have brought eternal results. Don’t be busy with trivial things and miss your God-given “timely moments.” Some are very active but accomplish little. It is possible to do many good things (Martha) and miss the “one thing” needed (Mary). Be sure to seize your “timely moments.”  Remember, you will be judged for the things done, the things undone and for the things you could have done! Seek to invest in the eternal things of God.

Illustration: A young man crossing a stream heard a voice saying, “pick up some pebbles and tomorrow you will be both sad and glad.” The young man picked up a few pebbles from the stream and went his way. The next day he remembered the voice. He looked in his pocket and saw that the pebbles had turned to diamonds. Immediately, he was both glad and sad. He was glad he had some diamonds, but he was sad that he did not get more.  At the Judgment Seat of Christ we will both be glad and sad. We will be glad for the things we did for the Lord and we will be sad we did not do more!

This week
Redeem the time: Seize your “timely moments”
of God-given opportunities
When God wants an oak tree, He does not transplant it, but He just drops an acorn. –Oliver Greene

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