Week 12 – God's Law Of Sowing & Reaping

God’s Law of Sowing & Reaping

“He which soweth (gives) sparingly (little) shall reap (get) also sparingly…” (II Corinthians 9:6).
“Give, and it shall be given unto you…” (Luke 6:38).

Giving & Getting – What you give is what you will get. “With the same measure you mete (give) withal it shall be measured to you again.” Give and “it” shall be given unto you.” “It” is the key word.  Whatever “it” is that you give – “it” is what you will receive. What you give is what you will get. This not only applies to giving money but “it” refers to whatever you give at all times.  What do you want to receive? Then that is what you should give so you can receive “it.” Examples: Give love – Get love / Give strife – Get strife. Your giving determines your getting. Ungiven gifts never bless anyone.

Sowing & Reaping – “He which soweth sparingly (little) shall reap (get) also sparingly.” The law of sowing & reaping is that what you sow “it” you shall “reap.” So you actually determine your reaping with your sowing. You determine your getting/reaping with your giving/sowing. Sow little – get little; Sow much – get much! Sow one grain of corn and reap two full ears of corn with many grains. What you sow is what you will reap. You cannot sow corn and expect peaches. You sow love, you reap love – Sow hate, you reap hate. Seeds left in a package will never produce a harvest.

God’s Law of Sowing and Giving
Give Little – Get Little / Give Much – Get Much
No Seed – No Need / What You Give – You Get
Get More than You Give / More give more get
Get as You Give / Get after You Give
If you do not give – You do not get
If you do not sow / You do not reap.
You Give to Get – So You can Get to Give More!
Give it – Get It!

This Week:
Give and sow much more! Look for opportunities!

Unsown seeds reap no harvest

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