For Your Information – SWM Can Help Your Church or Deaf Ministry

SWM Can Help Your Church or Deaf Ministry

As the temperatures continue to go up, it is hard to believe that Fall will soon be here! It is a good time for churches and deaf ministry workers to be planning to grow their deaf ministry. Silent Word Ministries has several ways to help.

Deaf Bible Institute

The SWM Deaf Bible Institute is a great way for Deaf people to learn more about the Bible. The DBI was written especially for Deaf people (only Deaf people can join). Deaf Individuals can study the Bible by themselves, or groups can join and study the Bible together. Recently a deaf ministry worker wrote to say he is teaching the SWM Deaf Bible Institute in his Deaf class during the church’s mid-week service. The group is excited about learning, and the hearing worker is learning more sign language at the same time. Subscribe to the Deaf Bible Institute

Sunday School Lessons

All deaf ministries should include Bible teaching. SWM offers ten years of Bible lessons specifically written for Deaf ministries. Students can each have a lesson book. Teachers have extra materials to help. For information.

Special Meetings

SWM conducts many types of meetings to help deaf ministries and encourage churches. SWM literature and materials are available for Deaf and hearing people in each meeting.

Church Deaf Awareness Day

This special day helps your church understand the need of getting the Gospel to Deaf people and suggests ways to get involved.

Reorganizing A Deaf Ministry

This soul-winning outreach is combined with nightly training sessions for all church Deaf and deaf ministry workers.

Deaf Ministry Activity

Your deaf ministry can conduct a special meeting with a guest speaker from SWM. This can include a special Gospel emphasis to help reach out to the Deaf community.

Fantastic Saturday and Deaf Day

SWM teams works together with a host church to train many deaf ministries. These meetings include excitement, encouragement, training, and fun for Deaf and hearing people.

ASL Training for Beginners & Advanced

Beginning or more advanced Sign language training will include special emphasis on deaf ministry. This training is adapted to meet the specific needs of the church, can last 3 to 14 days, and usually ends with special Sunday services in voice and sign language.

Missions Conferences

Invite a SWM missionary to your church’s annual missions conference to challenge the church with the need of Deaf missions. Churches can get involved by helping support a missionary to meet that need.

Other Meetings

SWM is flexible to meet a variety of needs in the Deaf community and in local churches working with Deaf people including Deaf revivals, camps, retreats, short-term foreign missions trips, Christmas banquets, and more. We are here to help and to serve. For more information, contact us.

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