Go With The Gospel To The Deaf World

Go into All the World With the Gospel

Mexico – March 14 – I went to the Temple Baptist Hope Deaf Church in Juarez, Mexico, Brothers  Roberto and Victor Palma are Deaf Pastors. There were around 50 deaf people. I preached the Gospel in ASL, and Victor interpreted to the Deaf in MSL (Mexican Sign Language). Praise the Lord that three deaf through two preachers understood and were saved.

Africa – March 22 – I went to Johannesburg, South Africa, on a missionary trip. I served with two missionaries, Chris Radebaugh and Jimmy Tsoukalas. I preached to three deaf churches: Bible Baptist Church of the Deaf, Tshwane Deaf Baptist Church and Katlehong Deaf Baptist Church. I preached the Gospel in ASL. At times the deaf would stop me, and I had to slowly explain words. Their English language is a little different than our English. Praise the Lord  nine deaf were saved as I slowly explained and they understood. On Saturday, a team of deaf  distributed 5,000 tracts at the mall, one hearing man was saved with Chris. I taught how to be a soul winner to deaf students at the Deaf Bible College.

Deaf can go with the Gospel into all the Deaf world. We had ten saved. It is important that people understand the Gospel in their language and culture.

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