Silent Word Ministries International – Two Big Exciting Evangelistic Opportunities in 2010

Two Big Exciting Evangelistic Opportunities in 2010

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. I trust that we all were faithful and fruitful in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission in 2009! Now 2010 is before us with incredible opportunities to reach more Deaf souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me tell you about two of those open doors.

As many of you already know, there will be a huge international gathering of Deaf people in Las Vegas in July 2010. Deaf people from every continent will be in attendance!  That is why SWMI is so interested in this event. Most of them still need the Gospel of salvation found only in Jesus Christ! Few of them will ever “hear” of Christ and His salvation while in their own countries.

This international event is hosted by DeafNation. There is an expectation of having up to 50,000 Deaf from around the world. No one knows if they will reach their goal of 50,000, but over 18,000 have already registered. There will be an impressive number of Deaf people at this one event. Again, most of them will be unsaved Deaf, and we want to give them the Good News of Christ!

Silent Word Ministries International (SWMI) is planning an evangelistic missions outreach to this event. However, due to the great number of Deaf expected, and due to the few number of days of the event, we believe it would be wise to get several other like-minded Baptist churches and ministries involved in this missions outreach. In other words, the outreach needs to be a joint effort of several churches and ministries who are interested in reaching international Deaf people with the Gospel.
If you are interested in knowing how your church or ministry can have an impact on these Deaf, please contact me.

A second opportunity available involves a missions trip to India. I am asking God to lead at least two men, and possibly two women, to go with me to the Himalayan Mountains of northern India. This will be for a full month of Deaf ministry, beginning around the first of November. I will be teaching Nepali Sign Language to several adult Deaf people and will begin teaching them from the book, FIRM FOUNDATIONS: FROM CREATION TO CHRIST.  Would YOU like to be a part of this missions effort?

For more details about the ministry trip to Las Vegas in July or the India trip in November, 2010, please contact DavidBennet now.

Please do not hesitate. God wants to use you — now!

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