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Personal Liability – When you personally cause an accident or injury, you are personally liable. Personal liability insurance will cover only the liability up to the coverage amount.

What To Do At Time Of Accident – Notify police; exchange driver and car information with other party. Notify your insurance agents. Always keep your registration and insurance forms in your vehicle. Obtain a copy of the police report.  Follow the advice of your insurance agent.

Canceling or Changing Insurance Policies or Companies – It is usually not in the best of interest for the policy holder to make changes. Be careful and sure of all information.

Cancer insurance only pays when sickness or death is caused by cancer. Payments are made directly to policy holder or beneficiaries.

Supplemental Insurance – An additional/second insurance program to assist with your basic medical insurance, to pay remaining medical balances after your first basic insurance has paid. You will need to present both primary and supplemental insurance cards to your doctor or hospital for full benefits.

Deductibles – The amount you are responsible for toward a damage claim. The insurance company will pay the total amount less your deductible. Remember, the higher the deductible, the less the premium; the less the deductible the higher the premium. You have the right to choose your deductible amount.

For vehicles $250 – $500 deductible is recommended. As the car depreciates adjust coverage.

For homes usually $1,000 deductible has better rates.

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