The Deaf Can – Bring Deaf Friends to The Lord

The Deaf Can
Bring Deaf Friends To The Lord

I want to share my burden with you about bringing deaf people to the Lord.  In Mark 7:31-37, a deaf person was brought to Jesus.  Someone brought the deaf person to Jesus. Maybe a father or mother brought their deaf son. Maybe a friend brought him. Someone cared for this deaf person and brought him to Jesus Christ.  The greatest need of deaf people is not to hear, but to come to Jesus Christ and be saved.

Jesus understands the Deaf – Do you know that Jesus understood the deaf man and his needs?  Jesus knew the needs of the deaf man and took time to help him.  Jesus touched the deaf person’s ears and tongue. Then Jesus prayed and said, “Be opened.” The deaf person was not deaf anymore.  The first words he heard were from Jesus. Three miracles happened. The deaf man could understand, he could hear and he could speak. He was no longer deaf. The Lord helped him. He was helped because someone brought him to Jesus.

You can bring your deaf friends to Jesus. The deaf man was very happy because someone brought him to Jesus. His life was completely changed after he met Jesus. In the world today, there are many deaf people who also need to be brought to Jesus. Think about your many deaf friends who do not go to church. Are they saved? When your friends come to visit you, invite them to church.  Learn how to win them to the Lord. One person in California showed an evangelistic video in Sign Language by Ted Camp. When the video was finished, she asked if any of the Deaf wanted to be saved. Eight deaf people were saved. Give tracts to your deaf friends (available at SWM). Encourage the Deaf to enroll in Silent Word Ministries Bible Correspondence Program. Give your friends the new DVD  “Good News for Deaf People.”  Remember, most hearing people cannot witness to the deaf, but you can.

One deaf person said, “We do not bother other deaf people.  We leave them alone and let them decide if they want to go to church or not.” This is wrong.  Every Christian should try to bring others to the Lord to be saved.  If they never come to church or understand the Gospel, they will never be saved.  God commands us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.  The world includes deaf people. As Ted Camp says, “No one is saved without the word of God – No one!”  If you do not help your deaf friend, who will?

I am glad these people brought the one deaf person to Jesus. I am glad someone took time to bring me to Jesus. Are you glad you were brought to Jesus?

Let’s all seek to bring more deaf to Jesus this New Year!

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