Thy Presents & Thy Presence

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A Special Poem Written By David Bennett After A Short Christmas Devotion
Read it slowly and let it speak to your heart


“Thy Presents & Thy Presence”

For sins effaced— for guilt erased—
For cleansing when I Thee disgraced—
I’m thankful, Lord, for all the grace
Found in Thy blood-bought presents.

I’m grateful for the care You show,
And for the mercies You bestow;
I’m overwhelmed by such a flow
Of Thy substantial presents.

For peace and joy that me uplift—
For calm amidst life’s waters swift—
I’m thankful, Lord, for every gift
From Heaven’s store of presents.

I’m grateful for Thy light and love
Which shower me from Heav’n above;
Yet, Lord, I’m so unworthy of
Such providential presents.

O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Thy gifts are numbered by the host;
But what I really yearn for most
Is, Lord, Thy daily presence.

© Written by WDB, December 18-20, 2009,
after a short Christmas devotional
from Dr. Ted Camp. Meter:

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