For Your Information – Invest In Areas That Grow The Ministry

Invest in Areas That Grow The Ministry

“… He which soweth bountifully
 shall reap also bountifully.” 
– 2 Corinthians 9:6

Do you remember mimeograph machines, metal address label machines, mag-card machines, and slow and expensive copy machines?  At one time these technologies greatly helped our ministry.  In 1993, when Ted and Carlene Camp returned to Trenton, Georgia, a 486 computer using MS-DOS was donated, which made the ministry more productive.  In 1983 my first ministry computer was an 8088 PC with two floppy drives (no hard drive).  Times have certainly changed!  With new advances our ministry improves and grows.

Silent Word Ministries functions under several guiding principles.  It is our policy to invest in areas that grow the ministry.  When an area does not grow, we re-evaluate and make changes.  There was a time when cassette tapes of deaf ministry lectures were very helpful to churches starting new deaf ministries.  Today, much more information is available in our printed materials, videos, and website.  Cassettes are not used much and DVD’s have replaced VHS tapes.  Each new change involved learning new methods.  We thank God for the changes.  The quality and use of our materials continues to improve

  1. SWM produces this newspaper as a ministry to deaf ministries and Deaf people.  Some Deaf people do not have a Deaf church or deaf ministry close to them.  For these people, this newspaper can be a great spiritual help.  It may surprise some readers that many hearing people also  look forward to receiving The Silent Word every two months.
    Recently we needed a network adapter to improve the quality of materials printed on  our digital duplicator.  The Lord provided both a used adapter and a used digital duplicator for about one-tenth the price of new equipment!  We are very excited about the improvement in print quality and the ability to become even more productive!  From MS-DOS to digital duplicators, we do not hesitate to invest in areas which produce the best return for God’s money.

SWM sends tracts free as the Lord provides.  Our Deaf Bible Institute is a free program for Deaf people to learn the Bible.  On our website, many free resources are available including the soul-winning booklet “You Can Go To Heaven,” which is now available in eleven languages

God continues to supply each need.  Recently Ted and Carlene Camp visited Brazil, where they saw missionaries who needed simple tracts to help reach Deaf and hearing people with the Gospel.  A new part of our ministry was born which is called Silent Word Publications.  The goal is to print and send certain SWM tracts and materials to foreign missionaries free of charge.  The procedure is simple.  The missionaries translate our materials – we print – churches and individuals supportwe send – the missionaries distribute – all receive a blessing.

Silent Word Ministries is a 24/7 ministry.   This year to date in all areas of our ministry – missionaries, Deaf Bible Institute, tracts, Silent Word Newspaper, mission trips, literature, and more –  544 salvation decisions (hearing and Deaf) have been recorded.

Just as SWM invests in areas that grow and produce fruit, would you consider investing in this unique, missionary deaf ministry?  Some readers may be able to volunteer and help us become even more productive.  We are open to change and growth in a positive direction. 

To invest in SWM contact Jon Barr.
Contributions to SWM are tax-deductible.

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