The Deaf Can – Be Friendly

The Deaf Can Be Friendly

“The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus;
for he oft (many times) refreshed (made feel good) me.”
– II Timothy 1:16

We need more deaf to be like Onesiphorus and be refreshing to other people. Onesiphorus made Paul feel good as he visited him. Paul felt better after Onesiphorus left. Onesiphorus “refreshed” Paul. I want to be like Onesiphorus and be a “blessing” to other people. I do not want to make other people become bitter, but I want to help them become better. We need more deaf to be like Onesiphorus and be a blessing and refresh others.

What is friendly? It means to have a smile, be cheerful, and show love to other people. I have read that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Mark Twain said, “A smile is understood in all languages.” You may be deaf. Hearing people may not understand your signs, but they can understand your smile. It is a joy to be with friendly deaf people, but also it is sad to be with complaining and bitter deaf people.  Some deaf people are like a battery – they are positive.  Others are like a battery – they are negative.

I have noticed that some deaf people become sour and are not friendly. Some do not show appreciation to their interpreters and friends who have learned Sign Language. You should be nice and friendly to others. A deaf worker and I visited a deaf couple while I was in a revival. The deaf couple first talked against their church and leaders. As they signed, their faces became angry and sour. They soon became unfriendly to us. They asked us to leave and not come visit again. They were bitter and unhappy. When you become sour and not friendly, that is wrong. If you don’t like your friends, that is wrong. If you hate people, that is sin. Some deaf are selfish and never invite friends over for meals.  I am thankful also that some deaf are friendly, and it is a joy to be with them. The deaf can show love, be kind, and cheerful.The Bible says, “A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly” (Proverbs 18:24). If you want to have friends, then you must be friendly. Try to be a friend to new people you meet. Be friendly to those you do not like and they will soon become your friends. I am deaf and I truly want to be your friend. I love deaf and hearing people. The deaf need to put aside their deaf ways and culture and learn to be more “friendly” one to another. Be friends with the deaf and also the hearing people. As Ted Camp often says, “Don’t love things but love people.”  You need to become as Onesiphorus and be a blessing to others. The Deaf can be friendly.

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