Gospel Videos and Resources

SWM is excited to present several new videos and pictures for presenting the Gospel.  These are included on a Gospel DVD which will be distributed at the upcoming Deaflympics Mission Trip.  Some people are already using these materials in their ministries!

Links to full-size resources.
  • Good News for Deaf People – Deaf Evangelist Ronnie Rice presents the Gospel using gestures and pictures.  Voiced by Jon Barr.
  • I Want to Tell You – Deaf Missionary Allen Snare preaches the Gospel in American Sign Language.  Voiced by Reed Condra.
  • You Can Go to Heaven – Jon Barr, President of Silent Word Ministries, explains the Gospel using pictures.  Presented in ASL.  Voiced by Jon Barr.
  • You Can Go to Heaven Pictures – Now translated into 11 languages.

These materials have been produced by Silent Word Ministries for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with Deaf and hearing people.  Permission is granted for ministries and individuals to use them for Gospel presentations.  May the Lord bless you as you serve Him!

We would be interested in knowing how you use these resources and when others receive Jesus Christ as Savior.  Contact Us

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