Gospel DVD for Deaf People

Silent Word Ministries is currently producing a DVD in Sign Language and with two soul-winning tools — You Can Go To Heaven and a PowerPoint Gospel presentation — to help win Deaf and hearing people to Christ at the upcoming Deaflympics in Taipai, Taiwan, in September.  Our ministry has assembled a mission team of 20 missionaries and laymen to do personal evangelism at the Deaflympics.  We would like to distribute  up to 10,000 of these DVDs along with many other tracts in various languages for people to take back to their home countries.  The Deaf people who have seen the early versions of the DVD have been very impressed with the clear presentation of the Gospel using both gestures and Sign Language.  The potential for this is great.

The Deaflympics Missions Trip is a big event, well worth the effort, and we would appreciate your prayers.  If you, or someone you know would be interested in helping with the cost of these materials, every gift of $100 puts 153 Gospel DVDs in the hands of lost Deaf people around the world.  What an investment!

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For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr 

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