Why Things Are The Way They Are

Why Are Things The Way They Are?
Or Useless Information!
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40. Why are they called “Fig Newtons”? The 3rd largest selling cookie was made in Cambridgeport, MA. The  two  names were too long so the inventor named the cookie for the nearby town of Newton.  Result: “Fig Newtons.”  

42. Why is it “Ketchup” or “Catsup”? Because Heinz used both names but finally chose “ketchup” from the Chinese word “ke-tsiap” The most used word today is “ketchup.”  

44. Why are they called “Lorna Doone” Cookies? Because in 1912, the cookie was named for a British heroine in a novel written by Richard Blackmore.

45. Why are they called “Eggs Benedict”? Because Delmonicos Restaurant in New York named their special dish after two of their best and favorite customers, Mr. & Mrs. Benedict.

46. Why do we have Tea Bags? Because around 1900,  a NY tea wholesaler, named Tom Sullivan, wrapped his tea samples in little silk bags, never thinking customers would brew the tea, bag and all. They did and it worked. Tea bags were accidentally invented. There are now over 3,000 varieties of tea.  

47. Why is it called “Squash”? Because the word “squash” is from an Indian word “askatasquash” meaning “something eaten green.”  The word was shortened to “squash,” and I am very glad it was.

48. Why is Mountain Grown Coffee better?  The higher the altitudes the richer the coffee flavor.  America imports about $4 billion of coffee a year.    Coffee is still picked by hand. The best-selling coffee is Folger’s regular.

49. Why Is It Called Dr. Pepper? Because a pharmacist named Wade Morrison worked for  the owner of a drug store, Dr. Charles Pepper of Virginia. Morrison also worked at the soda fountain where he made  new flavor drinks. He made one soda that everyone loved. He named the drink Dr. Pepper after his old boss. The drink has 23 ingredients and the secret recipe is well guarded.

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