Silent Word Ministries International – 2009 Jul/Aug

Deaf Olympics Evangelistic Outreach
Taipei, Taiwan

God has wonderfully provided a team of 20 people to distribute Gospel literature to the Deaf at the September Deaflympics which only occurs every four years. We are excited about this evangelistic mission trip. Money is faithfully coming in for the team’s passage and expenses. We praise the Lord for His goodness in providing for their needs. Some of the team members still lack some support for the trip. Pray for this need.

However, one pressing need that I have said very little about is  the need for finances to help reproduce both a special Olympic tract and Gospel DVD in Signs & voice.  SWMI is producing a special DVD with three different video presentations of the Gospel and two Power Point presentations translated into twelve languages. We plan to distribute these to thousands of Deaf and hearing. We are asking God to supply $7,500 to help reproduce this DVD and special Olympic tract for mass evangelism.

Imagine that you can have have  a part in putting the Gospel into the hands of Deaf people from  around the world who have never come into contact with the free message of salvation! (We are having translations done in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Greek, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Portuguese, as well as English.) How many Chinese Deaf, Russian Deaf, Jewish Deaf, or other international Deaf would you like to receive a Gospel presentation? Your offering can make that possible.

This is our last article before we leave for Taiwan. I want to challenge you and your church to consider a special offering to help out with the needs of this evangelistic outreach. Present this need to your pastor or missions committee. Present it to your Sunday School class. Ask others to get involved in this incredible opportunity to place Gospel literature into the hands of thousands of lost Deaf people from 80 different countries. Statistics say that every Gospel tract  distributed worldwide has five readers on average.
I am asking God to multiply that number of viewers as these DVDs are watched on computers and monitors all around the world. Imagine one Deaf athlete from China taking a free DVD home from Taiwan and having 10 or 20 Deaf friends and family members, or more, in China gather round to see what he brought home from the Deaf Olympics.  What a blessing it will be for you and me to know that, as he opens that presentation in his own language of Chinese, we have had a part in spreading the message of Jesus Christ to both lost Deaf and hearing Chinese! That scene could be multiplied around the globe as individuals like you and churches like yours get involved. Please make this a matter of prayer and serious consideration. You may send your missions offerings for this international literature project to:

SWMI – PO Box 889
Trenton, GA 30752

Please mark your gifts for  “DEAFLYMPIC LITERATURE.”

Thank you for prayerfully considering participating in this unique missionary project!

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