Why Things Are The Way They Are

Why Are Things The Way They Are?
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34. Why Is It Called “Grape-Nuts”? It has neither grapes or nuts, so how did it get its name? C.W. Post, the inventor, double baked the bread starches and they became dextrose, also known as grape sugar. The hard pebbles reminded him of nuts. Results: Grape-Nuts.
35. Why Is It Called a “Hot Dog”? Because in the early days the frankfurter was sold  “hot” at ball games and  people needed napkins. Later,  A bun was made to hold it. A cartoonist, T.A. Dorgan, in fun drew a cartoon of a dachshund dog inside a bun. Results: “Hot Dog.”
36. Why is it Called “Spaghetti”? Spaghetti is an Italian word meaning “strings.”  Now you know! 
37. Why Did Kentucky Fried Chicken change To KFC? Simply to eliminate the word “Fried” because of the diet fads of today.  
38. Why is it called a “Pound Cake”? Because a pound cake was made from one pound of flour, one pound of sugar and one pound of butter.  So, it is a pound cake.   
39. Why do Doughnuts Have Holes? Because a  captain wanted cakes he could put over the handles of the ship wheel. Later, soldiers wanted doughnuts with a hole in the middle to carry on their gun barrels.

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