Fantastic Saturdays / D-Days

Fantastic Saturday and Deaf Day are area-wide meetings for deaf ministries, deaf ministry workers, interpreters, and Deaf people.  The day is filled with exciting encouragement and fun.  These meetings are conducted by Jon Barr and Jim Bracelin in specially chosen areas. There are challenging messages, helpful visuals, book tables, skits, prizes, games, and more.  Literature, videos, and gifts from Silent Word Ministries are available at the book tables.  Many prices are discounted at these meetings.  The host church provides a free light lunch.  Offerings will be received to help cover the cost of the meetings.  In most places, we also preach in voice and signs in the hearing church the following day (Sunday).

Who will benefit from Fantastic Saturday and D-Day?

  • Deaf ministry workers will be encouraged and challenged about their ministry. The deaf ministry is a challenging ministry.  It seems that people outside the deaf ministry often do not understand the special needs of Deaf people or deaf ministry workers.  Our theme will be a great blessing by encouraging all to keep their heart tender toward God and Deaf people.
  • Deaf ministry leaders, whether hearing or Deaf, will find useful ideas for their deaf ministries.
  • Deaf people will be challenged to live for God and become more effective in their Christian lives.
  • Pastors will gain a better understanding of the deaf ministry and how to more effectively minister to Deaf people.
  • Hearing people learning sign language will see ASL, simcom (simultaneous communication), and English. There will be opportunities to meet and talk with Deaf people throughout the day.
  • Hearing people who are not involved in the deaf ministry will discover the wonderful world in which Deaf people live.  Warning:  This meeting may cause a burden from God to become involved in the deaf ministry.

Come at 9:30 to register, fellowship, and view the book tables.  The program starts at 10:00.  Click here to find a Fantastic Saturday near you.

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