Needed More Good Deaf Leaders – The Leader's Prayer of Supplication

James 5:13-18

Introduction: Prayer is clear evidence of care.  A believer must have sensitivity to someone’s needs; engage in diligent supplication for those needs.

I.  The Exhortation to Prayer (vs. 13-16a)
A. Seasons of prayer (5:13) When should we pray?
1. In times of trouble (5:13a)
2. In times of triumph (5:13b)
B. Reasons for prayer (5:14-16a)
  1. Prayer will raise up the sick (5:14-15a)
  2. Prayer will restore the sinner (5:15-16a)
II. The Example of Prayer (5:16b-18)
A. The power (5:16b) A righteous person’s effective.
 B. The person (5:17-18) James selects Elijah
  1. Elijah was a only a man but he reached a Holy God who stopped the rain for 3½ years. (5:17)
  2. Then he prayed and it rained. (5:18)

Conclusion: It is the powerful and effective prayer of a righteous person that brings the needed cure from God.  Earnest persistent praying prevails much, but half hearted praying avails little. (James 1:6-8). The greatest enemy of prayer is silence. You have not because you ask not.

Does it rain when we pray?

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