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The Blessings of Modern Technology

Recently I heard someone talking about his frustrations with new technology.  He said  BlackBerry-type phones and other devices were big time-wasters. Truly they can be.  However, advances in technology can also be a good thing.  Consider these improvements.

The Airplane – At one time it took months for missionaries to get to foreign fields.  Leaving a country in an emergency was difficult.  Today air travel is quick and relatively inexpensive.

The Telephone – At one time people waited until they saw friends to talk with them.  Do you remember when there was no 911 service?  The telephone made it very easy to communicate.  My wife, Diane, lived in Canada when we were dating.  At that time it cost one dollar per minute to talk by phone. I am thankful those days are gone.  Today we, and many others, have cell phones.

The Cell Phone – At one time only wealthy people owned cellular phones.  But today even children have them.  Mobile communication is encouraged and expected.  People tend to ask for your cell number instead of your home phone.  It is possible to receive calls almost anywhere — even in church!

Texting – At one time Deaf people relied on bulky TTY (Teletype) machines to communicate.  When calling hearing people who did not have TTYs, Deaf people used TTY relay operators to voice what was typed and to type what was voiced.  Today many Deaf people have text pagers (similar to cell phones).  They can receive messages in the same way hearing people use their cell phones.  Times surely have changed!

Video Phone – At one time Deaf people waited until they saw each other to talk in Sign Language.  Today video phones make it possible for Deaf people to call each other at home.  It is even possible to take your video phone with you and use it in motel rooms and other places where a Wi-Fi connection is available.

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Computers – At one time writing a newspaper required using a typewriter, setting type, having a large staff to assist. At one time Bible study required having a library of books.  Today computers make those tasks much easier and save much time.  Today video projectors make it easy to preach and teach with visuals.

Internet – At one time research required going to the library, making phone calls, and contacting people personally.  Today much information is available with the click of a mouse.  Many people have even contacted Silent Word Ministries saying they were saved by reading tracts at our web site.

SWM Web Site – At one time our web site only offered basic contact information.  Today, SWM has a newly redesigned web site with blogs, pictures, SWM International, missionary information, the Silent Word Newspaper, and much more.  We are grateful for the technical expertise of friends like Bob Reed who have taken our web site to a new level in ministry.  All articles in this Newspaper are now available on our web site.  Churches and ministries can copy articles and information and use them in their church bulletins or for teaching.  Our catalog is being updated with pictures and descriptions of products.  Questions and comments can be submitted online.  All information at the web site is searchable, making it easier to find.  It is even possible to subscribe to an RSS Feed at our web site.  If you don’t know what that is, neither did I until recently.  An RSS Feed allows you to quickly find and read updated information and articles at our web site.  We are continuing to improve the site, and need your help.  Please visit soon and tell us what you think.  Your comments will help us use this technology more effectively for the Lord.

Yes, technology can be used for evil.  Even the old-fashioned telephone has been used wrongly, spreading gossip and planning wickedness.  But the problem with technology is a problem with the human heart (Jeremiah 17:9).  It seems that, while many people are figuring out how to use new technology for evil, Christians tend to be slow to adopt the good uses of technology.  Christians can and should take advantage of the ministry opportunities available with new technology to spread the Gospel.  Wouldn’t it be great if someday in the future, technology allowed us to say, “At one time very few people knew about the Lord Jesus Christ.  But now (future) everyone has heard about Him!”

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