Why Are Things The Way They Are?

Why Are Things The Way They Are?
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15. Why Do Some People Use The Words Kit & Caboodle? Why? These words were used to mean that you have everything needed. The word “Kit” referred to burglar tools, and “Caboodle” referred to the loot.  You have kit (tools) and also have the caboodle (loot)! You have it all!

16. Why Do Some Say “I Will Cook Your Goose.” Because in the 16th century King Eric of Sweden attacking a certain town saw a goose hung from a tower.  He proceeded in battle to another town but stated in contempt, “When I return this way, I  will cook your goose and town.”  Later, he did return and cooked their goose.  

17. Why Did They Name an Ice Cream “Haagen-Dazs?” Because it was a created word only to merchandise a new ice cream. “Haagen-Dazs” is not an actual word from any country and it has no meaning. Today, “Haagen-Dazs” means an expensive ice-cream.  It is expensive!

18. Why Do Telephone Books Have Yellow Pages? Because in 1881, the Wyoming Telephone and Telegraph Company hired a printer to print its first phone book.  The printer did not have enough white paper to finish the job so he used the only other paper available which was yellow. He decided to print the names in white and businesses in yellow.  Other companies liked the idea and did the same not realizing it was by accident.  This is how yellow pages started!

19. Why Are Some People called “Mavericks?” (Senator McCain called himself a maverick). Because Samuel Maverick, in the mid 1800s, allowed his cattle to stray and roam without a brand. Soon all the straying cattle were called, “Mavericks.”

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