The Deaf Can – Be Great Christians

Deaf Can Be Great Christians

I love to read Hebrews chapter eleven.  I love to read about the Bible heroes. I want to be a good Christian like Abraham, Daniel, Abel, and Joseph.

There is a Hall of Fame for football, baseball, and basketball players.  Famous sport stars are in the Hall of Fame.  But the best Hall of Fame is God’s Hall of Fame.  

I want to be in God’s Hall of Fame. Babe Ruth and  Roger Maris  are in the Baseball Hall of Fame for home runs, but now Barry Bonds has broken their records.  I want to break some records as a Deaf man and one day be in God’s Hall of Fame.  

Deaf people can become great Christians and become great preachers, teachers, missionaries and Christian family members for God. Deaf people can be used of God.  Deaf people are not handicapped  with God. Be faithful like Paul.

Many deaf people  are good and faithful Christians and one day will hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

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