Did You Know? Facts About the Deaf

Did You Know? Facts About the Deaf

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Did you know deaf people make excellent employees? They are stable, reliable, and usually make steady, long term employees.  Deaf people do not want charity but a chance to show what they can do and a little understanding. —Tips – Rochester Institute – NY

Did you know that talking to deaf people is different than speaking to hearing?  Deaf listen with their eyes.  In spoken language you can speak and get attention, but with deaf people you need to tap and touch them or wave your hand until you  get their attention. Another way to get attention with a large group is to flip the lights.  Remember, if they are not looking, they are not listening —SWM

Did You Know?  Deafness is three things: an impairment which has caused physical damage to the auditory pathway; a disability which has resulted in a hearing loss; and a primary handicap because normal communications may be cut off.  Deaf people will never “overcome” their handicap. But generally they do their best to deal with their deafness and develop themselves to their fullest potential. And they ask just one thing from hearing people; to be openly and willingly approached as persons with unique, interesting qualities and skills. — Tips – Rochester Institute of Technology – NY.

Did You Know?  It is estimated that only one-fourth of all the sounds produced in the English language are visible on the lips of the speaker. Also, many speech sounds appear similar on the lips.  Thus, attempts at lipreading often lead to confusion and frustration. — PA School For The Deaf.

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