Because We Are Deaf

Because We Are Deaf

From Booklet(D28) “Because We Are Deaf ”

107. We can’t make hearing people understand. One of our missionaries was visiting the Deaf.  He knocked on a door and asked, “Are deaf people here?” The person thought, then said, “There is a house down the street with a wreath on the door.” He thought he asked for dead people, not deaf people.

108. We can’t hear  “purrs” of cats, but we can feel it when petting. I learned that a cat sometimes likes to be petted and sometimes  it likes independence.

109. We can’t hear people walking. Sometimes we see the shadow of them, see them in a window, or notice them as they pass. When a big, tall man walks closer, we can feel it vibrate, and know he is coming.
110. We can’t hear the announcer. The announcer called the name of the basketball players from different teams for “All tournment team.” We didn’t understand what award they received. Finally our hearing son told us what it was.

111. We can’t understand why hearing people laugh. A deaf preacher was preaching with a voice interpreter.  He signed, “I don’t want to marry again.” The voice interpreter said “I want to marry again.” Other interpreters spoke out loud, “No! He doesn’t want to marry again.” The hearing people were all laughing and the Deaf preacher did not know why.

112. We can’t understand why people keep staring at one deaf man.  Finally, the interpreter signs and asks the deaf man to turn off the ringing alarm on his watch.

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