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What’s Up? Randy & Becky Osborne, deaf couple, met at SWM’s Deaf Day meeting in Columbus, Ohio. They are  happily married. Congratulations!

What’s Up? Ann Kerwood, is a faithful interpreter at Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland. SWM’s Jon Barr was the teacher who began her Sign Language training. Ann and the church will be hosting the 2009 Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat.

What’s Up? Rev. Don Chevalley, Capital Baptist Church, Annandale, Virginia, was a team member on a recent mission trip to Kenya. The Lord greatly blessed their ministry. At the First Baptist Church for Deaf of Ruiru, 12 were saved and 11 baptized. The team was allowed the freedom to present the Gospel in two state schools. At the Kambui School for the Deaf, 60 made salvation decisions.  At the  Maranga School for the Deaf, 46 salvation decisions were recorded.

What’s Up? Deaf Evangelist Ronnie Rice was the special speaker recently at Calvary Baptist Church, Grand Prairie, Texas. It was also a time to honor Walter & Dovie Pittman for their 67th anniversary. Congratulations!

What’s Up? Jona Feliciano, pastor’s wife at Tampa Baptist Deaf Church, Tampa, Florida, announces a special Deaf Women’s Conference on January 30 & 31, 2009. The special speaker will be Wanda McCann from First Baptist Church of Apopka.

What’s Up? Autumn Revival weekend was held recently at Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, Maryland, Pastor Terry Buchholz. Rev. Bob Boyd a CODA (child of deaf adults) of the Greater Portland Baptist Church of the Deaf, Portland, Oregon, was the guest preacher. It was a very blessed weekend.  

What’s Up? The Silent Word, a Christian newspaper dedicated to the Deaf, has a new size and format. How do you like it? We are excited about it. Let us know what you think.  
What’s Up? Students, faculty and staff at Harvest Christian Academy for the Deaf, Ringgold, Georgia.   www.harvestdeaf.org

What’s Up? Bethany Bennett, daughter of David & Vicki Bennett, is now in Brazil for a 5 month missions trip. She will be helping with Bible studies, teaching music and witnessing for Christ. She is proficient in Portuguese, PSL and ASL. She still needs some  support for the trip. Send a gift to SWMI, PO Box 889, Trenton, GA 30752. Mark for Bethany/Brazil.

What’s Up? Congratulations  to Ted & Carlene Camp, founders of Silent Word Ministries. They will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on December 28.

What’s Up? The Independent Baptist Deaf Athletic Association had their volleyball tournament on November 7 & 8. It was hosted by Bethel Baptist Church, Schaumburg, Illinois. The host church took first place. Second place winner was Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf, Ringgold, GA, and third place went to Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, Maryland.  

What’s Up? Sharon Bordean, wife of the late Eugene Bordean, founder of the Liberty Baptist Church for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio, continues in her ministry, DEAFinitely Him. She has a burden for deaf ladies especially wives of deaf pastors, missionaries and evangelists. She is greatly used of God in special ladies meetings. Looking for a good speaker for your ladies group? Contact her: Liberty Baptist Church of the Deaf, 1552 Elmore Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43224.

What’s Up? Faithful Deaf ministry leader and deacon, Charles (Chuck) Green, went home to be with the Lord, October 2008. He and his wife, Joyce, served at Grace Baptist Church, Middletown, OH. Over the years they took  hundreds of deaf teenagers  to the Bill Rice Ranch. As a result, many, many received Christ as Savior. He was also a good friend of Ted & Carlene Camp of Silent Word Ministries.  He will be missed!

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