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(His name means “He Shall Add”)

Joseph’s Story From The Book of Genesis

He was son of Jacob and Rachel (30:1,24)
His father had more than one wife (29 & 30)
His mother was the most-loved wife (29:16-18)
He was his father’s most-loved son (37:3)
Was protected more carefully with Rachel (33:1-7)
Had one little brother, Benjamin (35:24)
Total of 12 boys in family (35:22-26)
Mother died when he was teenager (35:16-20; 37:2)
He dreamed a big dream (37:5)
Was available to serve his father (37:13)
Was faithful in service (37:14-17)
Was shown favor by his father (37:3)
Was hated & rejected by brothers (37:20-32)
His brothers planned to kill him (37:20)
Was sold to traders for price of a slave (37:28)
Was sold again, as a slave in Egypt (39:1)
Worked in home of Egyptian officer, Potiphar (39:2)
Succeeded and helped Potiphar to succeed (39:3-4)
Avoided sin when tempted by Potiphar’s wife (39:11-13)
Was wrongly accused by Potiphar’s wife (39:14-18)
Was innocent, but put in prison (39:20)
Was faithful servant while in prison (39:23; 40:4)
Gained favor even in prison (39:21-23)
Interpreted dreams for butler & baker in prison (40:1-23)
Was forgotten by Pharaoh’s butler (40:23)
Freed from prison (41:14)
Interpreted Pharaoh’s dream (14-36)
Married Gentile bride (41:45)
Had compassion for his brothers (45:1,15)
Forgave his brothers (50:20)
Reunited with his father & family (46:29)
Saved brothers who had rejected him (47:12; 50:21)
Died at age 110 (50:26)
Was buried in Egypt (50:26)
His bones would be carried to Promised Land (50:25)

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