Needed More Good Deaf Leaders – The Leader’s Prayer (Part 2)

The Leader’s Prayer – Matthew 6:9-15
(Continued from last issue)

III.    God’s Priority (vs. 9c)
       A. God’s name (Psalm 7:17)
       B. Jesus Christ is God’s greatest name. (John 17:6)
       C. Hallowed – to revere, honor, glorified.

IV.    God’s Program (vs. 10a)    
      A. Lord is King in His kingdom
      B. God’s is an “everlasting kingdom” (Psalm 145:13)
      C. “His sovereignty rules over all” (Psalm 103:19)

V.    God’s Plan (vs. 10b)
      A. Wrong understanding of God’s will.
      B. Right understanding of God’s will.
      C.  Psalm 103:20.
      D. Three distinct aspects of God’s will
           1. His will of purpose  (Romans 8:28).
           2. His will of desire  (John 5:40).
           3. His will of command  (Romans 6:16-18).
      E.  Great enemy of God is pride  (Romans 12:1-2).

Conclusion: Prayer is a means of continual progressive sanctification. The believer’s  prayer is to bring heaven to earth, to hallow the Lord’s name, and seek to do His will.  The leader is responsible to lead the group to know how to pray and wait for the Lord’s answer. You have not because you ask not. Prayer is God’s way to obtain from Him.

The greatest enemy of prayer is silence!

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