Diamonds From Diane – Gold


How much gold have you saved?  Do you have a treasure chest full of it hidden some place?  Gold is first mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 2:11, and it may have been the first metal used by humans.  Throughout history gold has been a symbol of wealth.  The Bible presents Abraham as a man who was “very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold” (Genesis 13:2).   Gold is a gift “fit for a king.”  The Queen of Sheba brought it to King Solomon when she came to visit and find out about his wisdom and riches (II Chronicles 9:9).  And the Wise Men brought it to Jesus, when they came to honor Him, the One born King of the Jews (Matthew 2:11).  Gold has great value because it does not react with most things.  It will not rust or corrode.  Historically it has been used for coins and jewelry, for the standard for most monetary systems, for honors (the Nobel Prize), for prizes (the Olympics gold medals), for awards (the Academy or Emmy Awards), for symbols (a wedding ring), and for celebrations (a 50th wedding anniversary).  And in the future, Christians will walk on a street of pure gold in Heaven (Revelation 21:21)!

The cost of gold may change over time and with changing economies, but gold always becomes more valuable as it becomes more pure.  The purifying process includes heating the impure gold until it melts.  The impurities can then be bound with other substances and removed, leaving the pure gold.  The Christian, too, is of great value, but there are often some things that need to be removed from his life to make him even more valuable.  God allowed Job to experience many trials that tested his character.  These caused Job to depend only on the Lord.  He could not depend on his friends or family.  Job knew that God knew his way and would bring him through the trials more pure and valuable, the same as gold that has been put through the fire.  Trials are not just hard times, but God’s means of strengthening our faith so that we can bring more honor and praise to Him (I Peter 1:7). Are you struggling now with some trial in your life?  Allow God to use it to purify you and make you even more valuable – as pure gold.

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