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A systematic Bible study program that teaches sound Bible doctrine and principles. The Word of God is the only absolute, authority and assurance of God. Man’s opinions are good but they do not change lives. The Word of God will change and transform lives. Every Christian needs to learn more about the Word of God and grow into full maturity. This program is to help deaf people learn more about the Word of God conveniently at home or church. Study the Bible so you will know what is: Right and wrong — True and false — Good and bad.

For Home Bible Students Only

You will enjoy studying the Bible in your home at your convenience. You will be studying courses in the Old and New Testament. Some courses will be to help you in your daily life. Some Series are for married couples and some for single people. You will learn what the Bible teaches for many areas of your life. Bible Study Courses will be sent to you free of charge. There is no charge for the study. A donation of $2.00 per course will help pay some of our expenses and help print additional literature. Only one course will be sent at a time.

How to enroll in Home Study Bible Institute: If you are interested in studying our Bible Study Course Program, please complete application form and mail to Silent Word Ministries.

You will receive one free Bible course. Study the Bible course at your convenience. Then mail only the question sheet to Silent Word Ministries when you finish. The question sheet will be returned with the next course.

A certificate will be sent upon completion of each series. A diploma will be sent upon completion of all all series.

This Deaf Bible Institute Program is for deaf adults and teens only. No juniors or hearing people please. Thank you for considering our Bible Study Program. You will be glad that you enrolled.

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