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Ted & Carlene Camp

Mission Statement: “But We Will Give Ourselves …To The Ministry Of The Word” - To The Deaf (Acts 6:4)

Ted and Carlene Camp have been working with deaf people since 1966. Ted was pastoring a growing church when Alvin Spurgin, a deaf man, sang “More about Jesus would I know.” From that time Ted & Carlene began working with deaf people. At first they printed a small newspaper, “The Silent Word,” as well as working with local deaf people. Later, they moved their ministry to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and served for 20 years with the Bill Rice Ranch. During that time there was a high of over 1000 deaf people attending during the summer. In 1994 the Camps moved Silent Word back to their home town, Trenton, Georgia. Since then the ministry has grown wonderfully. Today Silent Word Ministries is a world-wide ministry, reaching many deaf people each year with the Gospel.

Birthdays: Ted - 8/10, Carlene - 6/8
Anniversary: 12/28/58

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Jon & Diane Barr

Mission Statement: “Training Deaf & Hearing People To Reach The Deaf World For Christ”

Jon and Diane Barr have been missionaries to deaf people since 1984. In 1976 Jon learned Sign Language from a missionary who came to his church in Florida. Jon and Diane were married in 1981 and served at Palm Springs Drive Baptist Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida, as Pastor to the Deaf and Christian school teachers under Pastor Loyal Carlson. Palm Springs Drive Baptist is the Barr's missionary sending church. In 2000 the Barrs merged their missionary work with Silent Word Ministries, where Jon now serves as President. Their burden is to start deaf ministries, strengthen existing deaf ministries, and create materials which can be used to teach deaf people the Good News of God's Word.

Birthdays: Jon - 2/20, Diane - 8/23
Anniversary: 7/17/81

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Jim & Terry Bracelin

Outreach Ministries
Mission Statement: “Serving People To See Deaf Saved And Discipled” II Corinthians 4:5

Jim & Terry Bracelin are ministering to Deaf people in the Northeastern United States. As missionaries, they hold Fantastic Saturdays, evangelistic meetings with the deaf, start deaf ministries, and help existing deaf ministries. Jim was a pastor for many years before surrendering to work with deaf people. He is an avid soul-winner.

Birthdays: Jim - 5/19, Terry - 2/22
Anniversary: 11/24/79

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Frank & Ursala Rasmussen


SWM Missionaries

Allen Snare

Deaf Evangelist
Mission Statement: “My Heart’s Desire Is To See More Deaf Saved.”

Allen Snare is a deaf man reaching deaf people. His late wife, Debbie, was saved under his preaching. Debbie passed away in January, 2006, after a 5-year battle with cancer. They have one hearing daughter, Joy, who is married, and has two deaf sons, John and Justin. Allen has a great burden to see deaf people saved both in America and around the world. He is a wonderful soul-winner and preaches clear messages that deaf people can understand. Both deaf and hearing congregations can be blessed by his dynamic preaching.

Birthday: 4/14

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Reed & Donna Condra

SWM Missionaries
Mission Statement: “But We Will Give Ourselves … To The Ministry Of The Word …
So Deaf People Will Be Saved … Families Strengthened … Churches Served” Acts 6:4.

The Reed Condra family have been missionaries since 1981. Their ministry has been quite varied, serving the Lord with Bill Rice Ranch Missions, with local churches in the Bahamas, as interim pastor, and, of course, with deaf people. In January of 1998, the Condras joined Silent Word Ministries. Through the years, the Condras have served in deaf rallies and meetings, local church deaf ministries, and deaf camp programs. Donna loves to work with children in conferences while Reed speaks to the deaf and deaf workers. Reed has been called "The Bible Teacher" at SWM, and he loves to make the Old Testament clear and understandable. The Condras base their ministry out of Morning Star Baptist Church in Whitwell, TN.

Birthdays: Reed - 10/29, Donna - 5/16
Anniversary: 7/15/77

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Paul & Rachel Strosnider

Church-planting Missionaries to the Deaf
Mission Statement: “Planting Deaf Churches to Fulfill the Great Commission”

Paul Strosnider was called to preach as a teen while working at the Bill Rice Ranch. Paul graduated from Bob Jones University in 1992. He served as assistant pastor for five years in two churches in Iowa and South Carolina, and then for three years, he assisted two missionary families in church planting in the Marshall Islands. In 2000, the Lord burdened his heart for Deaf people. In 2002, he began a deaf ministry in a hearing church. Paul joined Silent Word Ministries in 2005. Rachel surrendered to Deaf missions in 2003. She began attending Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf in 2005, a church-planting outreach from the hearing church where Paul began a deaf ministry. In 2008, God led Paul and Rachel together as husband and wife. They are now serving the Lord as SWM missionaries to the Deaf at Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf in St. Louis, Missouri. Their goal is to turn this church over to a Deaf pastor, and establish other Deaf churches to fulfill the Great Commission.

Birthdays: Paul - 7/10, Rachel - 6/21
Anniversary: 1/5/08

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Bud & Jenna Ring

SWM Missionaries

Jeremy (Bud) & Jenna Ring are missionaries to Canada.

Birthdays: Jeremy - 12/10, Jenna - 01/30, Amy - 11/29/2009, Khloe - 07/29/2012
Anniversary: 06/14/2008

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Tabitha Beam

SWM Home Office Missionary
Serving and Refreshing SWM Missionaries & Reaching the Deaf World From the Home Office

Tabitha Beam developed an interest in learning sign language through watching the interpreter at her church where she grew up in TN. In 2005, God directed her to take a mission trip to the Philippines to help with summer Deaf camp, where she met a missionary who told her about Silent Word Ministries. God used the trip to the Philippines to begin directing her into full-time deaf ministry. In 2009, she attended college in Nashville to study sign language interpreting. Since 2011, she has been serving at SWM as a home-office missionary who daily ensures that the ministry functions while others are in meetings. Some of her daily duties are answering the phone, handling all mail orders, sending missionary prayer letters, overseeing literature inventories, directing office volunteers, assisting with social media outreach & website upkeep. She also assists SWM missionaries, helping their ministries function more efficiently. In simple words, she serves to help others serve. Tabitha is involved in the local church deaf ministry and assists in SWM meetings. She also assists in SWMI team trips. Her sending church is Franklin Road Baptist Church.

Birthday: 2/11/81

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Ministry of Helps

Larry & Diana Galyen

Technical Helps & Marketplace Evangelism
Mission Statement: Sharing the Word of God in the Printed Word,
In Digital World, With our Hands From our Heart

Larry and Diana are a retired couple who want to continue to serve the Lord in this season of their life. Larry has pastored three churches and served as a layman in many capacities of the church. Larry has also worked in the Information Technology field for 16 years, solving both hardware and software issues. Diana has taught school and homeschooled all seven of their children. Along with her computer and grammar skills, Diana will be doing a lot of proof reading. Larry and Diana will be doing much of the website work as well as serving in evangelistic outreach ministries.

Birthdays: Larry - 8/12, Diana - 12/4
Anniversary: 8/18/1967

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SWM International Missionaries

David & Vicki Bennett

SWM International Director

David and Vicki Bennett were first appointed as missionaries to the country of Brazil in 1979. Along with their family, they served the Lord faithfully in Brazil for twenty-five years. In 2004, David and Vicki joined Silent Word Ministries and opened up an international department with the goal of reaching more Deaf for Christ around the world. David speaks in missions conferences in churches and colleges, challenging young and old alike with the need of missions, and specifically with the need to reach the Deaf internationally. The Bennetts have 10 children serving the Lord with them. The Bennetts are still supported prayerfully & financially by local churches and Christian individuals who are burdened for lost Deaf people around the world.

Birthdays: David - 3/30, Vicki - 7/5
Anniversary: 6/24/1977

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Nicole Condra

SWMI Missionary - Romania
Mission Statement: Giving the Deaf of Romania a Chance to Hear

Nicole Condra is a second-generation missionary to the deaf. She grew up knowing sign language and working with deaf people alongside her parents, Reed and Donna Condra. When once asked about her specific call into deaf missions, Nicole thought and replied, “I don’t ever remember a time when God called me out of deaf missions.”In 2004, she was asked by leaders of Silent Word Ministries to serve as a home-office missionary. This she did for 6 years. Nicole resigned her office responsibilities in 2011 and focused on further training to prepare her for the foreign field.

Birthday: 10/23

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Bruce & Amanda Stuart

SWMI Missionaries to Gabon, Africa

Bruce and Amanda Stuart were raised in Christian homes, Amanda in Torrington, Connecticut and Bruce in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Both received the Lord at an early age. After a time of struggling with doubt as she grew older, Amanda received assurance at the age of 11. During a missions conference with Dr. James Ray of BIMI, God called Bruce to serve in the country of Gabon, Africa. He studied ASL (American Sign Language) in college. After a discussion with Missionary Eric Baughman also with BIMI, Bruce fought with God before finally surrendering to full-time ministry among the Deaf, specifically in Gabon, Africa. His burden is for the Deaf to know God in a personal way and desires to serve God in Africa to this end.

Birthdays: Bruce - 7/25, Amanda - 8/7
Anniversary: 1/13/12

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