What's Up?

What's Up? Pastor Terry Buchholz, Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Maryland, and Mark Richmond traveled to Tanzania, February 7 – 21, 2013. They went  to be with a  former student and a native of Tanzania, Frank Laurent, who has established a deaf church in Dar Es Salaam, the capital city. Pastor Buchholz preached several times, and one person accepted Christ and three others re-dedicated their lives to Christ. It was a rich experience, full of blessings from God.

What's Up? Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church, Silver Spring, MD, Pastor Terry Buchholz, will be having a revival meeting, April 21 – 24, 2013. Guest speaker will be Missionary Bruce Schwalbe.

What's Up? Adrian Micu, Idaho, & Rachel Raber, Ohio, (both deaf) announce their engagement. Their wedding is planned for May 4, 2013, in Sarahsville, Ohio. Congratulations!

What's Up? Solid Rock Baptist Church, Berlin, NJ, had their first Sunday for their new Deaf Church on March 3, 2013.  Deaf Pastor Chris Harris reported that they were hoping for 50 to come. God blessed beyond that, and 115 people came. It was a great start for this new church. The Senior Pastor of Solid Rock is Charles Clark. Pray for them.

What's Up? Miami Deaf Center, Miami, Florida, will host a deaf retreat on May 17 – 19, 2013, at the Regency Hotel Miami. They offer fellowship, three workshops, fun, and relaxation. Their theme centers around becoming a servant, “Grab Your Towel.”

What's Up? Steven Howard Foster, age 61, of Murfreesboro, TN, passed away on January 21, 2013. He attended Tennessee School for the Deaf and was a member of Bellwood Baptist. He had worked at Shoney's for 31 years.

What's Up? Judy Carol Leeman, age 59, of Murfreesboro, TN, passed away on January 22, 2013. She was a graduate of Tennessee School for the Deaf and worked many years at the Sword of the Lord in Murfreesboro. Ted and Carlene Camp enjoyed her friendship while they served at the Bill Rice Ranch. 

What's Up? Great-grandmother Anne Powell, West Covina, CA, announces the birth of Lucas Stephan Shepler on January 19, 2013, weighing 8 lbs 14 oz. His parents are Jeremy and Beth (Powell) Shepler stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC. Congratulations to all!

What's Up? Wonderful friend to the deaf and to Silent Word Ministries, Nancy Beeman Fries, Freedom, PA, passed away July 22, 2012. (SWM just learned of this recently.) For many years, Nancy worked tirelessly with the deaf at the Bible Baptist Church in Cranberry Township, PA. One of the highlights of the ministry was deaf camp at the Bill Rice Ranch.  Nancy battled cancer for several years. We miss her.

What's Up? Captain Jeffrey Lee Francis, 54, Chattanooga, TN, passed away on February 20, 2013. He was a graduate of Tennessee Temple University and a member of Highland Park Baptist Church where he served on the Board of Deacons for 38 years.  He served 28 years with the Chattanooga Police Department. He was a friend to the deaf and was fluent in Sign Language. Please pray for comfort for his wife, Gail, children and grandchildren. 

What's Up? Sympathy to Bob & Brenda Himes, Missionaries to the Deaf, Philippines, on the passing of Brenda's mom on February 16, 2013. The Himes' were in the states the end of 2012 and Brenda was able to spend time in Texas with her mom.

What's Up? Sympathy to Deaf Pastor Bruce Kelly's family on the passing of Bruce's father, Robert E Kelly, Orlando, FL, on February 15. The funeral was a special occasion with Deaf Pastor Earl Brigham speaking, special music by Fred Adams trio, Jon Barr interpreting, and Deaf Pastor John Olson helping at the graveside.  

What's Up? Please pray for Deaf Pastor David Hanson, Deaf Liberty Baptist Church, Independence, MO. He has been diagnosed with cancer, Burkitt's Lymphoma. He is undergoing intense Chemotherapy treatments. There are updates posted at www.caringbridge.com. You can sign up and look for David Hanson.  Please also pray for his wife, Charlene, and all the family. 

What's Up? Please pray for Deaf Pastor Bruce Kelly and his wife, Vicki, as they will make a missionary trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 15 – 27. They will be helping in a deaf camp and teaching the Bible and leadership skills. 

What's Up? Thank you to Butch Raper, Creative Installation, Rising Fawn, GA, for his help and contribution in renovating SWM's main office.  Special thanks also, to Louise Case and Karen Sims for their beautification touch.

What's Up? Harvest Deaf Baptist Church, Ringgold, GA, Pastor Reggie Rempel will host a Missions Conference April 10 – 14. They will have missionaries to the deaf in India, Ukraine, Zambia, and Romania. A highlight will be  Harvest Christian Academy graduate who will graduate from Harvest Deaf Bible College, in May, Cassie Jackson. She will begin her deputation as a missionary  to  the  deaf of  Zambia, Africa.

What's Up?  Pray for BIMI Missionaries to the Deaf, Jack & Dorothea Francis, Inman, SC. Jack has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is not able to undergo chemotherapy. They continue to serve the deaf ministry in their  church. 

And that is What's Up!

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